Thursday, December 9, 2010


Do you think me to be an actor of stage
O honey; do you think me
to be baron or a sculptor
or do you take me as a warrior brave
beaming in the glory of victory

I am not the dove of dream
on the river of snoozes
Nor am I unending quest of
an ungratified mind.....
all the endows of fruits and flowers
offered by the ocean of tears
are not mine of course O dear...'
those are neither
my offerings nor my worship....

Gazing at that beauteous build of mine
did you fall in love with me O sweetheart…..
it's not sculpture to remain forever
only a framed statue of mud
will perish in water...

On my death don’t think me
an inauspicious comet
falling from sky.....
cause I light and extinguish myself
in the bed of darkness again and again….
Don’t gaze at me O dear with your eyes…..
Behold rather in your mind unbound…..

See all the beauties,
glory of youthfulness of earth….
O dear only in me,
find the warmth of all the seasons
Laughter of blue waved clouds
on my face…
Behold the spark of
millions of stars of the aeonian sky
In the spark of my eyes…..
In my womb, merged the secret passion
Of desire deep inside my Ocean
All the rivers of earth flows
in my arteries merrily
O my beloved, this idol of mud
is never my theme…

It’s me who is there in the whole universe
in you and in far horizon…..
Everywhere present this conscious eternal
All the mundane happiness
begins and ends in me….
Me that endless vessel of love….
Behold me o darling in those eyes of probe ……

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