Monday, November 12, 2018

To you, poet!

O poet! Thank you.
Respect to your synthetic vision!
Honour to your ever colourful mind.
We see coloured words all around.

Salute to your decorative heart
O, how nice that diamond studded heart does look!
How profound is your laughter and roar 
how convincing and blatant is your capture!

O poet, excellent is your skill
caging the world in your web of words
and liberating yourself..
and thank you for
now we see glittered coops all around.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Ball game..

You dropped such way that rushed in a meteor 

It went through layers of land and stone

Feathery that is about no hands, legs or torso 

Only a pair of aeonian eyes

Countless tresses came from where 

Millions of dazzling celestial bodies 

at the apex of a thin hair

An indomitable desire that stands directionless

Playing the game of one leg with million jumping legs

Cast away like a dry seed of cotton

It fell on mountain peak, in the ocean, in rich lands

in crowded roads- in the solitude of four walls...

I opened my eyes... 

Where was not I playing with me?

Monday, November 7, 2016

O moonlit night...

O distant moonlit night, like my unsung layers of heart!

tell me something about the melodies that I have adorned 
you with long ago.. 

I am forgetting them as you became more reclusive
Those honey soaked sufferings
like sharp sparkling piercing longing..
I want them back..

Give me some hint, some dust from your silvery flare
for I can find you anew within me
I wish to make you a queen once again
and offer you all the precious pearls of my ocean..

Can't see you lackluster, shabby

Thursday, May 12, 2016


When I look at the emptiness of my sky,
you appear standing high with Gobardhan Giri
placed on your finger nail..
O Giridhari, beneath, I am there in a remote side
of your grand refuge.

Dense layers of cloud has intensified over 
the pupil of my eye..
Ears are inured to roars of the thunder..
So my legs are frail and trembling..
In between you and me is a thick ocean of love..

My throat is choked with emotions...  
How will I be able to cross and be near you,
to say you my gratitude at least once in this life
O Giridhari...!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rice and Dalema

My mother used to rinse rice from granny's field, only once
She never peeled off the vegetables being plucked 
from our backyard to prepare rice and dalema for lunch
and rinsed them all and the pulses only once ...
She says it retains the nectar of nature safe in the food.

Our bodies and damp minds are all built up of rice and dalema
cooked by our mother.

Now I am a mother of a grown up child.
Now she learns that to prepare rice and dalema for lunch
her mother rinses rice and pulses several times,
peels of the vegetables and
rinses them all with hot water several times..
Those are bought from the market in the backyard.
She learns that her mother is assured for that day
that her effort has removed all the layers of poison
and that at least she is serving a safe food to her child
if not the nectar of nature...

To know about Dalema please follow the link..